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Fun, Games, Victory, Defeat – and Sportsmanship
(ATR) It wasn’t all work and no play in Rio for Publisher Sheila S. Hula. She made her way to a number of events where she saw outstanding competition. She also witnessed small acts of kindness – and giant acts of sportsmanship. Here are her memories from beach volleyball and boxing – in particular the match between Vitaly Dunaytsev of Russia in red and Fazliddin Gaibnazarov of Uzbekistan in blue.
Number of pictures: 18
A Perch at 18
(ATR) It was a gold medal day for everyone at Olympic golf.
Number of pictures: 22
Athletes Return from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
(ATR) Airports around the world remain busy as athletes leave Rio de Janeiro and return home. 
Number of pictures: 31
Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony
(ATR) The Rio 2016 closing ceremony went off as planned Sunday night despite a heavy downpour of rain, bringing an end to the Summer Games.
Number of pictures: 23
Modern Pentathlon
(ATR) Modern Pentathlon making progress as one of the oldest Olympic sports in Rio at the 2016 Olympics. 

Number of pictures: 19
Special Day for Women's Golf Olympic Return
(ATR) Crowds were modest, but there was a special atmosphere in the air as sixty ladies from 35 countries played the first round of women's Olympic golf in 116 years.
Number of pictures: 14
Explore Paris on the banks of the Lagoa in Rio.
(ATR) From its humble beginnings as a space for non-accredited media at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Club France has grown into an expansive and exciting Olympic destination.
Number of pictures: 20
Rio 2016 Competitions at Riocentro
 (ATR) A look at competitions midway through the Rio 2016 Olympics. 
Number of pictures: 9
Club France
(ATR) A look around and inside Club France in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympics.
Number of pictures: 9
Casa Italia
(ATR) A look inside Casa Italia at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 
Number of pictures: 12

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