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Thunder on Cocoa Beach - Return of Powerboating
(ATR) - Thousands of spectators lined Cocoa Beach in Florida to watch two days of powerboat racing. Fifty-five boats roared across the choppy waters; two of them overturned. But for those who stayed on shore, the day could not have been more perfect.

Publisher Emeritus Sheila S. Hula was on the scene with her camera to record the fun on the racecourse as well as off. 

Number of pictures: 15
Beijing 2022 Torch
The Beijing 2022 Olympic & Paralympic Torches
Number of pictures: 6
Beijing 2022 One Year to Go - Part 2

Number of pictures: 10
Beijing 2022 One Year to Go - Part 1
The Beijing 2022 Winter Games are right around the corner.
Number of pictures: 27
IWF Youth World Cup
The IWF Youth World Cup was held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of the stars of the event, which concluded on November 18.
Number of pictures: 9
Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Posters
(ATR) These official art posters have been created by 19 artists. Twelve are based on the Olympic Games and eight on the Paralympic Games.
Number of pictures: 20
Panam Gala: Walking the Red Carpet

Number of pictures: 19
Ft. Lauderdale SportAccord

Number of pictures: 23
Tennis, Soccer, Kitefoil, Kata - Oh My!
(ATR) Athletes compete at the ANOC World Beach Games and then relax at the Athletes Village.
Number of pictures: 28
ANOC World Beach Games Get Started
(ATR) Scenes from the opening ceremony and first days of competition...
Number of pictures: 16

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