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"...Around The Rings has long been the most influential internet presence on the Olympics."

The Guardian, February 4, 2010

“Required reading in the Olympic Movement.”
That's what our readers say about Around the Rings, and with good reason.

Nothing can replace years of on the scene coverage of events--knowing the players, and who and what is important. That's where ATR excels.

For more than 20 years, Ed Hula and his team of correspondents have been on the scene of virtually every important event on the Olympic calendar. From the selection of every host city since 1990 to IOC votes on changing the sport program to multiple visits to assess cities' bids, Around the Rings is there.

"The go-to source for Olympic host-city speculation."
Newsweek magazine, October 2006

As bidding for the Games has become an increasingly important part of the process, world leaders have come to recognize the critical role Around the Rings plays in communicating information about their bid.

Jumping Through Mr. Hula's Hoops

“Tony Blair’s decision to give an exclusive interview to Ed Hula, the head of the Olympic newsletter Around the Rings, at Downing Street last week shows how the Government has learned to fight the campaign internationally. Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and Sports Minister Richard Caborn have arranged their diaries around the bid. It was this kind of support that was missing during the failed bids of Birmingham and Manchester. Expect France President Jacques Chirac to be on the phone to Hula quite soon.”

- Adrian Warner, The Evening Standard
May 31, 2005



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“...We have to have relevant and accurate info to make decisions. Our executives realize that, at least in the business world, you have to pay for that type of information.”
- ATR Reader, USOC

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