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Honav UK is the exclusive licensee of the lapel pin category for the London 2012 Olympic Games ♦

7-13-2012 Pin Points - Paul McGill Talks Olympic Sport Pin Collecting
This month, Paul McGill looks at some of the pins that can be collected to celebrate a chosen sport -- a common theme of pin collecting that has emerged among collectors of many types.

6-29-2012 Pin Points - Top 12 Crazy Olympic Souvenirs
As Olympic organizing committees scrutinize potential licensees, someone has got to be asking these questions: Will anyone really buy this stuff? Once you see my list, you might think that “someone” forgot to answer these pressing questions.

6-1-2012 Pin Points - Latest Releases Commemorate Olympic Torch Relay
As the Olympic Torch Relay heads into the second week of its 70-day tour around the UK, this month we take a look at the range of pins that have been released to celebrate the journey around the country.

5-3-2012 Pin Points - Wearing Your Favorite Location a Games-time Hit
This month we take a look at how London has been represented on the retail pins issued so far. This host city has a number of iconic buildings, locations and forms of transport that are known throughout the world and the pins issued to date focus on a number of these famous landmarks.

4-19-2012 Pin Points - 100 Days to Go; Spiridon Louis Cup; Upcoming Shows, Auctions
The Breal’s Silver Cup Olympic trophy was awarded to Spiridon Louis for winning the first Olympic marathon at the 1896 Athens Olympics. This one-of-a-kind trophy has fetched a record price of £541,250 ($868,000) and will stay in Greece. It stands about 6 inches tall (15 cm), was bought by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation at Thursday’s auction by Christie’s, which had estimated its value at £120,000 to £160,000 ($192,000-$256,000).

4-5-2012 Pin Points - 5th Edition; Prized Pins Star London Olympic Mascots
London pin specialist Paul McGill points the spotlight onto some of the 2012 Games mascot pins starring Wenlock and Mandeville. Wenlock is the Olympic mascot and is named after the village of Much Wenlock where Pierre de Coubertin had the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games. Mandeville is the Paralympic mascot and is named after Stoke Mandeville, the hospital where the first Paralympic Games were held.

3-1-2012 Pin Points - 4th Edition; "Internal" Pins Prove Popular Among London Collectors
"Internal" pins--designed and released by official organizers of the Games. However, unlike the retail pins, distributed only to select groups who attend certain events. Amongst the UK collectors in particular, the internal pins are highly prized.

2-24-2012 Pin Points - Collectors Fair Plans Unaffected by Greek Riots
The Greek financial crisis and violent protests have not disrupted plans for the 18th World Olympic Collectors Fair in Athens, to be held May 17-20 at the historic Zappeion Megaron.

2-2-2012 Pin Points - 3rd Edition; Royal Mail Stamps London 2012 Olympics
This month we take a look at the special stamps issued in the UK to commemorate the Olympics and the translation of those stamps into pin badges.

1-12-2012 Pin Points - Tables Turn for Olympic Memorabilia Collectors
The tables have turned for European collectors, who in the past couple of years were able to take advantage of auctions in U.S. dollars. Now, U.S. collectors can capitalize on a more beneficial dollar vs. Euro exchange rate in two upcoming Olympic auctions.

1-5-2012 Pin Points - 2nd Edition; Counting Down the Days
Countdown pins are a cornerstone of collections from every recent Olympic Games. These are the pins that show us only too clearly that the Games are approaching and they make excellent sets, especially when they contain common motifs or subjects in their design.

12-1-2011 Pin Points - 1st Edition; London Collectibles
The commemorative/retail pin program for London 2012 is an ambitious one that will bring the release of 2,012 pins. As at November 2011, a little over 700 have been issued; some have already sold out or have been withdrawn from sale.

1-20-2012Rio 2016 Taps New Marketing Team; Former Olympic Sponsor Bankrupt; Pin Points
12-23-2011Rogge Awarded Legion of Honor; Arab Games End; Pin Points
12-8-2011Moynihan Mulls Mood of NOCs; Qatari Sports Holiday; Pin Points
11-24-2011Collectors' Corner - Athens, Berlin Memorabilia Highlight Latest Olympic Auctions
11-18-2011Friendship Now Most Traded Commodity at Atlanta Pin Meetings
11-11-2011Greenspan Olympic Honors at Auction
10-24-2011Seb Coe Welcomes World Media; Pin Traders Meet
8-10-2011Olympic Collectors Fair Builds Toward Future, Says Host
7-28-2011Media Frenzy, Pin Shortage and Great Weather for One-Year Mark
6-23-2011Olympic Memorabilia Auctions; 2012 Football Qualifiers
6-16-2011Session Badges, Rarities for Olympic Auction
4-26-2011Collectors' Corner: Heiberg Fair-Bound; London Olympin Unveiled; Phelps' Cap Sold
2-10-2011Five Year Anniversary; Munich, PyeongChang Update; Olympic Valentine's Day
7-30-2010London 2012 launches merchandise for Christmas 2010
4-16-2010Olympic Collectors Meet in Cologne, Despite Travel Hassles
3-8-2010Vancouver View: Memorabilia Values Rise and Fall Post-Olympics
2-6-2010Olympic Pin Trading: The Movie
1-11-2010Collectors Corner: Top Vancouver Pin Trading Spots, Olympic Memorabilia Auction, 2010 Fair

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