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Advertising with Around the Rings (ATR) delivers your message to an influential audience of decision-makers in world sport. ATR covers a wide array of issues in international sports. Our focus is on the business and politics of the Olympic Movement. The Guardian describes us as "...has long been the most influential internet presence on the Olympics" (Feb. 4, 2010). Readers tell us ATR is considered required reading in the Olympic Movement.

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As an advertiser with Around the Rings, your audience is a diverse international group of key decision-makers within the Olympic Movement, international sports and leading news organizations.
  • The "Executive Suite" of the Olympic Movement
    • The International Olympic Committee
    • Summer & Winter Organizing Committees
    • National Olympic Committees
    • International Sports Federations
    • TOP (The Olympic Program) Sponsors
    • Sports Marketing Companies
    • Hospitality Companies
    • Government Agencies, and more

  • Leading News Organizations
    Leading news organizations subscribe to ATR because we are often the first to break major stories and for our institutional knowledge of the Olympic Movement. ATR has been quoted by:
    • Associated Press
    • Chicago Tribune
    • Chicago Sun-Times
    • Int'l Herald Tribune
    • New York Times
    • New Zealand Herald
    • Sports Illustrated
    • BBC
    • Bloomberg
    • CNN
    • ESPN
    • Kommersant
    • Newsweek
    • Reuters, and many more...

  • World-wide Audience
    Subscribers to ATR are found in more than 150 countries. Our website traffic is steady throughout the entire 24-hour period showing separate traffic peaks for Asian, European and North American readers.
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There are numerous opportunities for reaching our growing and influential readers. We look forward to crafting an advertising campaign that best meets your objectives.

Please contact Sales ( for Global Partnerships at our Atlanta HQ office at +1 404.874.1603.