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Changing your email preferences

Subscribers asked ATR for a recap of daily articles -- and we listened

Readers can now manage subscriptions by changing email preferences in their accounts. Follow the instructions below to customize your delivery.

Instructions - Change Email Preferences:

1. Go to and Login to your Around the Rings account
2. Click on "My Account"
3. Select/Unselect the Bulletins you want to receive in Newsletter Settings.

Below are the descriptions for each eAlert. You can choose what alerts you want to receive, depending on how often you want the news to arrive in your inbox.

Receive Article Alerts
- Receive individual eAlert emails for articles as they get published 

4 Daily Bulletins - Recap of latest 3 articles & 4 press releases
b) Start List - 5am EST
c) Mid Day Relay - 12pm EST
d) Last Lap - 4:30pm EST
e) Finish Line - 8pm EST

Receive Weekly Newsletter - The 12 most read stories for the week, and goes out Sunday mornings

We recommend that you select all options. Selecting "Receive Article Alerts" will deliver news as soon as it comes in. However, some subscribers prefer a summary of the last couple articles; for them, the "4 Daily Bulletins" would be ideal.

Make sure you never miss a bulletin and add to your email's whitelist.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at