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Teqball Launches Sustainability Program For Wider Social Impact - ATR Extra

As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, teqball is promoting social responsibility while expanding its reach to new players.


Social Media Helped Turn Teqball from Garage Game to Global Sport: ATR Extra

Our teqball journey was inspired by the memories of growing up playing football, a sport we all share a passion for. But as we’ve grown older, time has become more precious and we no longer have the luxury of spending whole Saturday afternoons playing the sport as a big group of friends.


ATR Extra: Teqball Treks Across the USA

A series of tournaments in the United States is helping Teqball make inroads in an important market. The sport, a combination of soccer and table tennis played with a soccer ball on a curved table, was invented in 2012. It is played with either two (singles) or four (doubles) players.


Olympic Quest, HQ Move - FITEQ General Assembly

In November it was granted full status at GAISF, the Global Association of International Sports Federations, an umbrella body of sports organizations. It is the first step on the path to Olympic recognition.


Teqball Fed Newest GAISF Member -- Federation Focus

The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) adds its 96th full member.


Blazsovics back in action in star-studded Hungarian National Challenger Series

The World Number Two will have to overcome a star-studded field, including his doubles partner Csaba Banyik and the experienced Arpad Sipos, both of whom are ranked in the world top 10.


Sri Lanka’s teqball journey is about more than just sport

Teqball is on the rise in Sri Lanka, with the country’s National Teqball Federation showing excellent leadership as it looks to build awareness of the sport across the country and give more people the chance to play the world’s fastest growing sport.


Faultless Fam and a Diaz double catch the eye in eventful weekend action

Senegal’s Mame Cheikh Fam has secured his spot in the singles and doubles categories of this year’s Teqball World Championships following a faultless display in Round 4 of the National Challenger Series this weekend (13-14 February).


FITEQ celebrates growth of Teqball in Lunar New Year message

FITEQ wishes the teqball family around the world a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. This is a time of celebration and allows FITEQ to thank all teqers for positively contributing to the growth of the sport in the past 12 months.


INATEQ embraces FITEQ’s vision of a more sustainable sporting future

FITEQ is delighted to see the Indonesian Teqball Federation (INATEQ) embracing its vision of a more sustainable sporting future by creating tailored programmes that ensure the teqball family has a positive impact in local communities.


Asia’s leading Teqball nations prepare to launch National Challengers Series

FITEQ’s National Challenger Series is set to commence in Asia in the coming weeks as the continent’s leading Teqball nations prepare to host multiple rounds ahead of the Teqball World Championships later this year.


FITEQ publishes latest World Ranking

US star Frankie Diaz has entered the FITEQ doubles World Ranking top 10, following a series of victories in US Challenger Cups. Diaz has already won two doubles competitions this year, taking home the gold in the Las Vegas Challenger Cup and most recently last weekend’s (31 January) event in Sacramento.


National Federations around the world continue to drive Teqball forward

Teqball has continued its upward trajectory from 2020, with the first month of 2021 including a number of key milestones for the sport. At the heart of this global growth is FITEQ’s National Federations, which are the beating heart of the Teqball community.


FITEQ competition calendar continues in Senegal and USA

FITEQ’s National Challenger Series is set to continue in Senegal this weekend (30-31 January), with athletes competing in singles and doubles. The event will be Senegal’s third round of the series, as players look to increase their chances of qualification to the 2021 Teqball World Championships.


FITEQ honoured to receive royal approval from Malaysian State of Perlis

FITEQ is honoured that HRH The Prince of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail has given his royal approval of the introduction and promotion of teqball throughout the state.


FITEQ’s partnership with BODA supports continued growth of Teqball in China

Over 300 people attended a teqball promotional event held at the Yicheng Sports Park in Haidan District, Beijing, as the sport continues to grow in China. The event was organised on 17 December by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) and Xueyuan Road Sub-District Office in Haidan.


FITEQ development programmes support nationwide teqball growth in Lebanon

New teqball players and fans are emerging every day across Lebanon, with FITEQ’s National Federation and Club Development programmes helping the Lebanon Teqball Federation provide opportunities for aspiring teqers to become a part of the world’s fastest growing sport.


Diaz and Greco put on faultless display in Las Vegas Challenger Cup

Frankie Diaz and Carolyn Greco emerged victorious in the second Las Vegas Challenger Cup, taking home the doubles gold without dropping a single set. Clubs from across the Unites States were represented, with players from California, Nevada, New Jersey and more travelling to the entertainment capital of the world on 17 January.


FITEQ’s ranking in top 10 International Federations on social media showcases global growth of Teqball

The International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) has been ranked seventh overall in the BCW International Federation 2020 Social Media Ranking, whilst the governing body is ranked second amongst non-Olympic sports, demonstrating the global growth of Teqball in recent years.


Interview with Viktor Huszár (Chairman of FITEQ)

We sat down with FITEQ Chairman and teqball co-founder Viktor Huszár to look back on teqball’s journey so far and look ahead to what the future holds for the sport. Viktor takes us back to the very start, a time when he was experimenting with prototypes of the now instantly recognisable Teq table.


OCA confirms postponement of Sanya Asian Beach Games and Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has postponed the Sanya Asian Beach Games, which was due to take place from 2-10 April 2021, as well as the Bangkok and Chonburi Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG), which was scheduled for 21-30 May 2021. The decisions were taken by the OCA Executive Board in light of the ongoing challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Senegal to host first National Challenger Series event of 2021

Senegal will host the first National Challenger Series event of 2021 on 16-17 January, with teqers set to compete in singles and doubles categories in Dakar, the country’s capital city. This will be the second National Challenger Series event in Africa, following the entertaining action in Guinea-Bissau last October.


Teqball Albania looks to inspire the next generation of Teqers

Albania’s National Teqball Federation is building on its official recognition in July 2020 by engaging the country’s future stars of the sport. Led by President Ardian Cani, Teqball Albania has exciting plans for this year following the success of two youth tournaments at the end of December.


Duszak returns to top spot in the FITEQ singles World Ranking

Poland’s Adrian Duszak has regained the World Number 1 spot in singles, following the publication of 2021’s first FITEQ World Ranking. Duszak has narrowly overtaken Hungary’s three-time world champion Adam Blazsovics, who has maintained his doubles World Number 1 ranking alongside his partner Csaba Banyik.


Teqball’s holiday highlights

As the holiday season draws to a close for another year, FITEQ looks back at its favourite teq moments from the last few weeks.