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  • IFSC takes a further step towards the restart of the Sport Climbing season


    After two months of consultation with a number of experts and stakeholders, the International Federation of Sport Climbing published today the work of the Climbing During COVID-19 Working Group in its Addendum to the IFSC Rules to be used during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The document includes guidelines and rules to be followed at competitions, in order to ensure that any person admitted in the competition area is aware of the updated protocol that has to be observed to ensure safety at all times during IFSC events.

    Building on the World Health Organization recommendations and risk assessment tools, the document identifies Sport Climbing specific measures to adopt during competitions, including hygiene, social distancing and the use of personal protective devices at every stage of the event and in all competition areas.

    The Addendum, redacted by the Working Group, has also received substantial contributions from various representatives of different parties of the climbing industry – such as the Climbing Wall Association, and the Association of British Climbing Walls, along with climbing gyms representatives from all over the world and several National Federations – who periodically met via teleconference to address the many issues generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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