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  • ATRadio: Olympic Broadcasting Counters Corona Challenges


    (ATR) The head of Olympic Broadcasting Services says the needed steps are underway to prepare for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

    Yiannis Exarchos says the technological hub for the broadcasters of the Games was nearly complete when the word came in March that Tokyo 2020 would be held one year later.

    In this edition of ATRadio, Exarchos talks with editor Ed Hula about the impact that the pandemic has had on the working conditions at OBS, headquartered in Madrid. He says staff will slowly return to the offices in Spain by the end of this month.

    In Tokyo, Exarchos says some equipment has been sent to warehouses for safekeeping until next year. But the space already taken in the convention center holding the International Broadcasting Center will remain secured while other parts of the venue may be available for other events to use in the meantime.

    Exarchos spoke from Spain, where he has been in place for the past three months. He says it’s the longest stretch of his professional career that he can remember in which he has not traveled.