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  • #ICYMI: Challenges of the 'post Covid-19' Olympic Movement Discussed


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    Challenges of the 'post Covid-19' Olympic Movement Discussed

    Willi Kaltschmitt (ATR)
    (ATR) The challenges of the Olympic and Sport Movement 'post Covid-19" will be analyzed in a "virtual" international forum next week.

    The Guatemalan Olympics and sports authorities have had the initiative to organize the First International Congress of Sports Sciences, Olympism, and Olympic Movement between June 22 and 24.

    The meeting will coincide with the 126th anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee on June 23, 1894.

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    Wilson's World: Catching up with Donna de Varona

    Donna de Varona, age 13, at Rome 1960 (de Varona)
    For Donna de Varona, winner of two swimming gold medals at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the most impactful moment of those Games was not her triumph in the pool. It was a gesture of kindness from a German rower during the opening ceremony that had the most enduring influence.

    An American swim prodigy who competed in the 1960 Rome Olympics as a 13-year-old and first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated at 14, de Varona was among the thousands of athletes who marched into the Tokyo stadium on the afternoon of Oct. 10, 1964.

    As the weather turned misty, the 17-year-old Californian was approached by a tall male athlete as she shivered in the moist and cool conditions.

    “He was movie-star good looking and had this great voice,’’ de Varona said. “He’s like 6-foot-4 and I’m 5-foot-5. He just took off his raincoat and put it around me. He put his umbrella over me.”

    That athlete was Juergen Schroeder, who went on to win a silver medal in Tokyo as part of West Germany’s rowing eights team.

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    Racionalizar Palabra de Orden Afirma Pere Miro

    Peré Miró, director general adjunto del COI (ATR)
    (ATR) Un alto cargo del Comité Olímpico Internacional consideró que la actual pandemia obliga a las organizaciones deportivas a reducir gastos y racionalizar competiciones.

    Peré Miró, quizá el funcionario de más experiencia en la sede del COI, expresó sus reflexiones en el contexto de una videoconferencia organizada por el Comité Olímpico Colombiano.

    Miró, director general adjunto del COI, no obstante mostrarse optimista – un denominador común entre directivos y deportistas- y remarcar que “de las peores situaciones se aprende algo” fue realista al afirmar que “la situación es difícil e incierta”.

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