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  • Tamas Ajan's Successor Will be Known in January


    (ATR) A new president of the International Weightlifting Federation will be elected in January.

    Tamas Aján, former IWF president, stepped down in April after 20 years.  (ATR)
    The IWF Executive Board during a lengthy online meeting on Sunday agreed to hold elections to replace the Hungarian Tamas Aján within seven months in Lausanne. The federation is in the process of moving its headquarters from Budapest to the Olympic capital.

    Together with the General Electoral Assembly, a Constituent Congress will be organized to give approval to a process of governance and transparency reforms called for in the report of the Canadian lawyer and anti-corruption expert Richard McLaren.

    McLaren was hired by the IWF to investigate claims made in a documentary by German TV channel ARD in January that raised a host of questions about the federation, long plagued by doping scandals.

    In his public report, McLaren found systematic corruption and questionable financial deals to be routine in the IWF, fostered by Aján's autocratic and dictatorial style during his 20 years as president of the federation. Aján said those allegations against him were unfounded.

    Several members of the Executive were questioned by this independent investigation. McLaren said he would provide the IWF's new Oversight and Integrity Commission with a private report.

    Richard McLaren released his report earlier this month.
    Details of this report were not disclosed at the recent Executive Board meeting that lasted around 10 hours as confirmed by various sources to Around the Rings.

    From the McLaren Report the situation of ex-president Aján was exposed "and it will be investigated whether legal actions are taken and of what type," said one of the sources.

    The IOC has said that it has “taken note” of this investigation and the positive steps taken by IWF Acting President Ursula Garza Papandrea, focused on maintaining the independence of anti-doping operations and case management, and the modernization of IWF governance and management structures.

    The IOC also asked for “clarification on the complaints against various IWF officials”.

    Analysts believe that the latest updates on the "IWF Case" will be on the agenda of the IOC Session on July 17.

    The Olympic Qualification System was also discussed at the “virtual” meeting and the schedule for the resumption of competitions was ratified, but not before hearing logical concerns about the current onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

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