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  • Faroe Islands on Track to Meet Gender Equality Target


    10 July 2020

    The Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee (FCSOC) today confirmed that its sports community has met the first gender equality target set by the FCSOC in 2019 - a 70/30 ratio to be achieved by 2025.

    The FCSOC has benchmarked its 26 federations and 82 sports clubs which show that their board and management committees comprise an average 39% female / 61% male gender split. The FCSOC has a second target of a 60/40 ratio by 2030

    FCSOC President Elin Heðinsdóttir Joensen: “As a modern organization we strive to achieve an equal gender representation at every level. We are making strong progress and in some sports such as gymnastics, female federation board membership is as high as 90%, but in other sports such as shooting, this figure is far less. So while there is still work to do, we are on an exciting journey and I’m pleased to say that we are well ahead of schedule to deliver on our gender equality goal of 60/40 by 2030.”

    Full results of the FCSOC benchmarking study can be found here:


    Notes to Editors:

    About the Faroe Islands

    The Faroe Islands, which has a population of 52,000, has been a self-governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948 and competes in the Olympic Games as Denmark. Located north-west of Scotland’s Shetland Islands and almost 1,000km from Denmark, the Faroe Islands has been campaigning for more than 40 years for Olympic recognition. The Faroese Confederation of Sports was established in 1939 and its Olympic Committee in 1982. Sport on the islands is 100% self-funded, including all anti-doping activities [no sport funding comes from Denmark]. 18,000 Faroese are members of sports clubs which is driven and overseen by the FCSOC.

    Faroe Islands is a founding member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and has competed in every Paralympic Summer Games since 1984. It is recognised by 11 International Federations: archery, badminton, darts, football, handball, International Paralympic Committee, judo, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo and volleyball.

    The Faroe Islands is also recognised by the European Olympic Committees [EOC] and can compete as the Faroe Islands in the European Games in sports where it has IF recognition.

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