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  • #ICYMI: Remembering Mike Moran; IPC President 'Pleased' With Tokyo Plans


    #ICYMI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve. Here are our staff picks for articles this week they really want you to know about..

    Mike Moran, Master of the Media by Philip Hersh

    Mike Moran media scrum in Lillehammer, Feb. 2002.

    It was coming up on 1 a.m. on a Sunday in Lillehammer, Norway. The Opening Ceremony of the 1994 Winter Olympics had been over for about six hours, just about long enough for those of us who had covered the ceremony to thaw out.

    It was a long day for most of the U.S. media, whose 24/7 focus for a month had been on two figure skaters, one of whom (Tonya Harding) already was implicated in a plot to injure the other (Nancy Kerrigan.) Four hours before the opening ceremony, Kerrigan gave her first press conference of the Games.

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    In the Moment: London Wins 2012 Bid

    (ATR) The race for the 2012 Summer Games came down to the wire at the IOC Session in Singapore the first week of July 2005.

    The world’s leading cities took part in this legendary contest. New York, London, Paris, Madrid and Moscow made up a race that is likely not to be seen again under the new way the IOC picks a host city.

    The latest edition of In the Moment, produced from the audio archives of Around the Rings, takes us back to the voting that eventually awarded London the bid.

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    IPC Boss 'Pleased' With Plans for Delayed Paralympics

    Andrew Parsons has served as IPC president since September 2017. (ATR)

    (ATR) International Paralympic Committee president Andrew Parsons says he is reassured following a virtual presentation by Tokyo 2020 affirming and updating the organization’s positioning, principles and roadmap to the 2021 Paralympic Games.

    “We have confidence that the Organizing Committee is taking appropriate measures to re-plan the Games,” Parsons tells Around the Rings. “At the end of the day, Tokyo 2020 can only influence what is under its control, it cannot influence the global picture regarding the pandemic, and so far the Organizing Committee is going about the job it needs to do very well.

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