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  • #ICYMI: Wilson's World: One Year to Tokyo Olympics... Maybe


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    Wilson's World: One Year to Tokyo Olympics... Maybe


    One year to go, take two.

    Thomas Bach with fencers at one year to go ceremony in 2019. (IOC)
    A year ago this week, the world was celebrating the one-year countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games, which were set to open on Friday, July 24, 2020.

    And now, here we are, again marking the year-to-go milestone until the Tokyo Games, now scheduled to start on July 23, 2021.

    The coronavirus pandemic led the IOC and the Japanese government to take the historic decision in March to postpone the Games by one year.

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    Weightlifters Come Back to Life

    (ATR) Beyond results and medals, the First Online Pan Am Cup for weightlifting showed that it is a format that could stay… with or without a pandemic.

    The competition could be watched on the IWF YouTube website. (IWF)
    With the essential support from the International Weightlifting Federation, the Pan American Federation’s initiative led more than 70 athletes from 15 countries on four continents to breathe the oxygen of high competition again after several months of isolation caused by the coronavirus.

    A suggestion for future editions to certify the weight and anti-doping controls could be the presence of “independent observers” on-site, in order to guarantee “virtual” records.

    Athletes were lifting at the same time but at different locations, and all attempts were taken by rounds.

    They were lifting real weights in front of the camera, seeing each other’s attempts via video conference.

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    Latin American Athletes Return to Europe

    The Brazil delegation shortly before leaving for Portugal. (COB)
    (ATR) Latin American athletes who are thinking about the Tokyo Olympics head back to Europe to train.

    After confinement for four months due to the coronavirus, large delegations from Colombia and Brazil traveled to Spain and Portugal respectively for training and competitions in those countries and across the Old Continent if possible.

    As of July 1, the European Union began a slow re-opening of its external borders with entry authorization to travelers from only 15 countries. From Latin America it only included Uruguay.

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