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  • Coronavirus Cases Spiking in Japan and Tokyo


    (ATR) New cases of Covid-19 in Japan are far surpassing their April peak when a country-wide state of emergency was issued .

    Tokyo and Japan are setting new records for Covid-19 cases. (ATR)
    Friday marked the third straight day of a record number of new cases with 1,307, according to a report in Kyodo News. For the second straight day, Tokyo set a new record with 463 new cases.

    Tokyo has had a total of more than 12,600 cases since the outbreak began, with more than half of those reported this month. Three hundred and thirty-two people have died of Covid-19.

    The status on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Covid-19 English-language website says “the infection in Tokyo seems to be spreading” and “it seems that the medical system needs to be strengthened".

    Yuriko Koike, Tokyo’s governor, told Kyodo News on Wednesday "containing the new coronavirus inside the capital is a prerequisite" before the Tokyo Olympics, now 51 weeks away.

    Koike said on Thursday the TMG was asking bars and restaurants to close early in an attempt to stem the outbreak.

    "The situation is critical,” Koike was quoted by Japanese outlets at a press conference on Thursday after a meeting of the government’s Covid-19 taskforce.

    “We fear explosive growth in infections. The Metropolitan Government needs to consider issuing its own state of emergency declaration.”

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