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  • Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation


    The Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation has been created and launched on
    the initiative of the sports community representatives. From 16th to 21st of
    August, around 350 sports community representatives signed an open public
    appeal to the Belarusian authorities demanding not to recognize the presidential
    elections 2020 results, stop violence and release all political prisoners.
    Strong pressure was exerted on many of the signatories. The athletes and employees were summoned to meetings with the Ministry of Sports top management and security forces. Most of the signatories were demanded to withdraw
    their signatures. These days the following happens in the sports sphere: layoffs,
    exclusion of the athletes from their teams, cuts in payments, and scholarships.
    To date, there are already about 20 facts of dismissal due to political reasons.
    Among the signatories are the European and world champion in athletics Marina
    Arzamasova, European champions in athletics Olga Mazurenok, Elvira German,
    world and European sambo champion Stepan Popov, silver medalist of the Olympic Games 2008 and European champion in athletics Andrey Kravchenko, twotimes Olympic medalist in swimming Aliaksandra Herasimenia,

     Olympic Games
    1980 cycling champion Oleg Logvin, Olympic freestyle skiing champion Anna
    Guskova, world freestyle skiing champion Alexandra Romanovskaya, multiply
    world and European champion in rhythmic gymnastic Melitina Staniouta, and
    many others. There are even more people from Belarusian sport industry who,
    although hasn’t signed the letter, express opinion on situation in Belarus last
    three weeks after elections.
    BSSF Facebook page:
    BSSF Telegram: @BSSFoundation
    Follow this link to donate:
    The Foundation has been created with the participation of the BY_help campaigns co-founders (Andrey Strizhak, Alexey Lyavonchik), the Belarusian diaspora,
    and business circles (Yaroslav Likhachevsky, Mikita Mikado, Dmitry Navosha), as
    well the Belarusian sports community representatives.
    The Foundation has been created to help the sports industry representatives
    who have lost their jobs because they participated in protests against the Belarusian elections 2020 results and also because of their openly civil position demonstration. The primary task of the Foundation is to support the Belarusian sports
    community representatives in distress.
    The violence that we see now captured Belarus, the lies that we hear about
    peaceful demonstrations from the state media pull our people apart. Solidarity
    and mutual assistance give a chance to join all healthy forces and active citizens
    for the sake of the new Belarus, in which there will be a place for everyone who
    did not torture, kill or humiliate the human dignity.
    The Foundation accepts applications from those who need help and distributes
    this help based on the openness and transparency principles, accountability to
    donors, and respect for the citizens’ rights and freedom. For those dismissed for
    political reasons and ready to resign from service/work in protest.

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