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  • November 15 Final Deadline for CCG 2022


    (ATR) The first decision of the new “Centro Caribe Sports” is set for November 15 as the deadline for cities of Central America and the Caribbean interested in organizing the 2022 regional Games to formalize their nominations.

    Centro Caribe Sports president Luis Mejía Oviedo (Centro Caribe Sports)
    Sixty years after the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization, the institution linked to the oldest regional games in the world, was founded it has changed its name and since Saturday is Centro Caribe Sports (CCS).

    An Extraordinary (virtual) General Assembly of the former CACSO approved the name change and new logo "practically unanimously", Dominican Luis Mejía Oviedo, president of the sports body, told Around the Rings.

    The vote included the 31 member countries and six partners: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Curacao, French Guiana, Sint Maarten and Turks and Caicos.

    The turnout of the nations associated with this vote was considered by Mejía as "a search for integration.”

    The manager acknowledged that the fundamental reason for the new label is “marketing".

    The modification means the organization will no longer have two names, one in English (CACSO) and one in Spanish (ODECABE).

    "A new stage for Central American and Caribbean sport has just begun," he said.

    He recalled that other organizations with a view to marketing their main product, the Games, had also decided to adopt a new name, and cited the case of the Pan American Sports Organization, (ODEPA in Spanish), which has been called Panam Sports for three years now.

    Mejía recognizes that it is not only a question of changing the traditional name, but more in the face of the effects of the health and financial crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.

    "Indeed, it's a challenge, but we're not going to catch them afraid," he replied.

    "We can't get into the club of those who are just going to complain about the difficult situation.”

    "The global pandemic enshrines restricted spaces for commercialization but when everything has fallen, there is more space to advance.”

    "We are very confident that we need to make a double effort to conquer brands that partner with us and that can work for a region as important as Central America and the Caribbean."

    Panama withdrew from hosting the 2022 Games two months ago. (Panama 2022)
    Mejía, a member of the IOC, told ATR that during the regional weekend meeting a memo was distributed with the details of the offer and the requirements to host the 2022 Central American and Caribbean Games, to which Panama withdrew two months ago.

    November 15 was set as a deadline for interested cities to officially put in their applications.

    Despite the economic emergency waged by COVID-19, the CCS holder claims to be "ready and confident" in the security that athletes and NOCs will "have their Games".

    "There are very interesting expectations,"  Mejía said, but without revealing names of potential, aspiring cities for the Games, which are to be held within two years on a revised international calendar caused by the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021.

    In 2022, several international federations such as Athletics and Swimming moved their world championships to cite only two cases. The World Games will also be held in the summer. In September, the South American Games will probably be played in Asunción and in November it will be the World Cup in Qatar.

    The next Ordinary General Assembly of CCS could be held at the end of this November, quite possibly virtually, to elect for the first time the CCG of 2022 and 2026.

    For the 2026 Games, only Santo Domingo is a contender after León, Mexico declined.

    The former CACSO had planned to hold this face-to-face assembly on October 30 in Santo Domingo but the situation of the pandemic and airline restrictions have forced this change.

    An ATR survey among several members of Centro Caribe Sports revealed that Barranquilla (Colombia) and San Juan or Mayaguez (Puerto Rico) would show a willingness to save the 2022 Games.

    Written and reported by Miguel Hernandez

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