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  • Tokyo 2020 Collects 24.5 Tonnes of Used Plastic (around 400,000 laundry detergent bottles) for Creation of Victory Ceremony Podiums


    The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo
    2020) announced today that it has successfully collected enough plastic to create the podiums to be used in all
    Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremonies, engaging the whole population of Japan in the podium production
    process in an historic Games first.

    Launched in June 2019, the Recycled Plastic Victory Ceremony Podium Project mobilised citizens to donate used
    household plastics for recycling, with the cooperation of major retailers and 113 schools from across Japan and
    the active participation of P&G Group offices and organisations. Thanks to their immense cooperation, 24.5
    tonnes of used plastic, equivalent to around 400,000 bottles of laundry detergent weighing 900 grams each,

    were collected in approximately 9 months, allowing the campaign to reach its collection goals by March 2020.
    The Tokyo 2020 Games will be the first occasion in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in which
    members of the public have participated in the collection of used plastic to produce victory ceremony podiums.

    The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee has championed sustainability as a core element of the Games with the
    concept ‘Be better, together’, showcasing examples of sustainable solutions both in Japan and abroad in order
    to work towards a more sustainable society. Resource Management is one of the key areas of focus, with Tokyo
    2020 setting a target to use recycled materials and to reuse or recycle 99% of all procured items. This project
    also contributes to our commitment to facilitate broader involvement of the public in sustainability.

    A prime example of this commitment is the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project, in which small electronic devices such
    as used mobile phones were collected from members of the public throughout Japan and recycled, allowing all
    Olympic and Paralympic gold, silver and bronze medals to be manufactured completely from recycled metals.
    Tokyo 2020 also aims for a carbon-neutral Games, with 100% of the electricity used in venues to come from
    renewable sources.

    Collection for the Recycled Plastic Victory Ceremony Podium Project was carried out in collaboration between
    the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and Procter & Gamble Japan Ltd., a part of P&G Group.
    The design of the Tokyo 2020 Victory Ceremony Podium will be unveiled at a later date.
    ■ About the Recycled Plastic Victory Ceremony Podium Project, Tokyo 2020 Official Programme
    Name: Recycled Plastic Victory Ceremony Podium Project
    Organiser: Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee
    Business Cooperation: P&G Group, The Procter & Gamble Company of Japan Limited (headquartered in Kobe)
    Outline: As plastic disposal and pollution from marine plastic waste have become major environmental issues
    in recent years, Tokyo 2020 aims to present to Japan and the world a new model for recycling plastic, and
    showcase an example of how we can achieve a more sustainable society that does not let resources go to
    waste by manufacturing the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic victory ceremony podiums from plastic collected
    by the general public and marine plastic waste.
    ■ Collection Period
    19 June 2019 to end of March 2020
    ■ Collection Breakdown
    Collection Method: Participation from major retailers, schools, related businesses and organisations
    Total amount collected: 24.5 tonnes
    • From citizens via retailers: 11.9 tonnes Collection boxes installed at approximately 2000 major
    department stores across Japan
    • Schools: 1.1 tonnes Collected from 113 participating schools across Japan
    • Businesses and Organisations: 11.5 tonnes Collected by Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, P&G
    Group, United Nations Information Centre, related
    businesses and organisations
    ■ Collected Materials
    Plastic bottles, refill containers
    (Haircare products, air fresheners, kitchen and laundry detergents, fabric softeners, refill products)
    *PET bottles not included

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