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  • USA Curling Unveils New Logo


    The United States Curling Association, National Governing Body (NGB) for the Olympic sport of curling and the Paralympic sport of wheelchair curling, today launched its new logo to reflect the evolution of the organization.

    Once acclimated to USA Curling following his hiring as CEO in February 2020, Jeff Plush recognized that the former logo was in need of a refresh, as it was no longer representative of the NGB’s initiatives of unification and growth.

    “We are incredibly excited to usher in a new era for our organization and our new badge represents this new vision, said Plush. “We wanted a unifying identity that represented all of our stakeholders and was immediately identifiable as USA Curling.”

    USA Curling’s new brand assets come complete with a bold typography, rich color pallet, and recognizable elements, ultimately creating a clear and consistent brand.

    “Our sport continues to grow and move forward with positive momentum,” said Plush. “We look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with our curling community as we continue to build a special place in the USA’s sporting landscape.”

    With an undoubtedly exciting future on the horizon, it was imperative pay homage to the sport’s uniquely captivating history, including the countess contributions and achievements that have paved the way for this positive change.

    “We wanted to create a mark that was both elegant and timeless, celebrating the unique traditions of our sport.”

    Through honoring the past and eagerly anticipating the future, USA Curling has created a mark that is indicative of where the organization consistently strives to find itself in the present: committed to moving forward as a unified entity, from grassroots to podium.

    A badge and a commitment that will withstand the test of time.

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