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  • #ICYMI:Hamilton 2026 Bid Still Alive, ATRadio, Future German Bid Needs Focus


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    Hamilton, Ontario would be the first Canadian city to host the Commonwealth Games since 1994. (Wikipedia)
    (ATR) The bid to bring the Commonwealth Games to Hamilton, Ontario in 2026 remains viable despite reports that the province of Ontario can't afford to support it.

    The Hamilton 2026 bid team on Tuesday withdrew its scheduled request to go before the Hamilton City Council on Wednesday for a second presentation on its hosting proposal.

    The decision followed comments made by Donna Skelly, a member of the Ontario Parliament from Hamilton, who told the CBC that the economic fallout from Covid-19 means that the province can only afford one bid in 2026. Ontario has been working for some time to bring matches for the 2026 FIFA World Cup to the province.

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    ATRadio: Insider Assesses Odds for NHL Return at Beijing 2022

    Sochi 2014 was the last Olympics to feature NHL players. (ATR)
    (ATR) The National Hockey League successfully completed two months of playoffs – in the hub cities of Toronto and Edmonton entirely devoid of spectators – awarding the Stanley Cup to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sept. 28.

    Having conducted more than 33,000 Covid-19 tests in the two bubble locations – without any positive results – the NHL model is one that the IOC and other sporting organizers can learn from.

    “Amazing job that they pulled it off,” NHL journalist Rob Simpson tells ATR’s Brian Pinelli in the latest video edition of ATRadio. “Not something I want to see again, I don’t think anyone wants to see it again and hopefully they don’t have to do it again."

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    Future German Bid Needs Focus

    Walther Tröger was German NOC president from 1992 to 2002. (DOSB)

    (ATR) IOC honorary member Walther Tröger still sees question marks in a possible German Olympic bid by the Rhine-Ruhr region for 2032.

    "As far as the cost factor is concerned, the concept [...] is absolutely in line with the IOC's Agenda 2020. Now the main thing will be to get the approval of the population," said the 91-year-old in an interview with sports magazine Kicker.

    Should sport and politics decide to apply for the 2032 Olympic Games, Tröger sees the greatest challenges in the external presentation.

    "How do you want to define Rhein-Ruhr-City in relation to IOC representatives from Brazil or the Comoros? The Games are traditionally not awarded to a region, but to a city, and Rhine-Ruhr is not a metropolis that everyone knows," said Tröger, who was President of the National Olympic Committee for Germany (NOK) from 1992 to 2002.

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