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  • The Youth World Cup has already set schedules


    More than four hundred weigthlifters already know what day and at what time
    they start to seek sporting glory. Men Category 73 Kg required four groups to
    distribute the competitors. In women, the most numerous category was 55 Kg
    with three groups.
    The organization of the On Line Youth World Cup has already distributed to the more than four
    hundred participants their respective categories and has already assigned competition dates and
    As a senior leader of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) recalled, it is not only about
    disciplinary rigor for athletes but also about the millimeter demands of international television.
    The famous television network ESPN will broadcast the signal internationally and the
    synchronization of the athletes must be close to perfection. The online format has shown
    spectacular dynamics and great adaptation to the demands of broadcast produccion.
    Therefore, the Youth World Cup ensures a top-level show, very versatile and with athletes doing
    their best to get close to personal records, push national records or set a world record. All under
    the scrutiny of the demanding gaze of millions of viewers.
    On November 11 at 8 a.m. (Peru time) the nine girls of group B of the 45 Kg category will open
    the contest. They will have an hour and a half to compete. Then at 9.30 a.m. the nine men of the
    55 Kg category (group B) will continue and at 11 a.m. The eight young women 40 kg will close
    that noon in a single group.
    Testing will restart at 1:30 p.m. with eleven participants of the men category 49 Kg, single group.
    The girls in the 45 Kg category will fight for a place on the podium from 3 p.m. In the same way,
    the boys in the 55 Kg category will define from 4.30 p.m.
    There will be similar schedules for the following days in the various categories. It should be noted
    that the men 73 Kg category is the most numerous. The organization had to foresee four groups.
    The men categories 61 Kg, 81 Kg and 89 Kg, will be developed in three groups each. In women,
    a similar event occurred in the 55 kg category, which was distributed into three groups.
    We attach the chart with the final dates and times.
    The list of participants was reduced to 424 due to the fact that some countries presented two
    athletes per category. The regulation only contemplates one. They were the cases of Great
    Britain, Uzbekistan and Bolivia. Others presented lists of reserves athletes and these have
    already confirmed the final participant.
    On October 31, during the verification meeting, the number of participants and countries in this
    competition will be definitively defined.
    As you remember, the Youth Weightlifting World Cup is organized by the Weightlifting Peruvian
    Federation with the support of the IWF and of the Peruvian Institute of Sport.

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