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  • Youth World Cup has assured widespread broadcast


    Famous web portal Around The Rings joined the information effort of the
    contest under virtual modality that Will be held from November 11th to 18th.
    Australians praised the event even though the Will compete on unusual hours.
    Around The Rings web portal will join the Youth World Cup communication effort. Thanks to the
    support of ATR, the English-speaking world will be able to know in real time the competitions in
    each category between November 11th-18th.
    The renowned sports television network ESPN had also been confirmed days ago for the
    international transmission of the championship. The work of both media will be complementary
    and the big winners will be fans from much of the planet.
    Important television media and portals with digital platforms will be added in Peru that will reach
    the entire sports country. In this way, the fans will be guaranteed a permanent signal about the
    incidents of the 400 athletes from 61 countries who will be seeking glory in this event.
    As it is recalled, the Youth World Cup is organized by the Weightlifting Peruvian Federation,
    with the support of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the Peruvian Institute of
    Sport (IPD).
    While organizational success is already on the horizon, a great sporting performance by young
    weightlifters is also anticipated, despite the inactivity in the first months of the year due to the
    Covid-19 pandemic. The online or virtual format has allowed the restart of international
    Spokesmen for the Australian Weightlifting Federation commented on their website that the time
    difference with Peru will force their five athletes to compete in hours where they usually sleep.
    However, Australians took the situation on the bright side, commenting: "Such are the
    challenges of uniting the world of weightlifting in competition during a global pandemic that has
    practically stopped international travel."
    Press Release
    N° 11
    NOVEMBER 6, 2020
    They also had kind words for the IWF and the Organizing Committee: “They are to be
    commended for their commitment to the next generation of champions. Hopefully our young
    Australian lifters can rise to the occasion and give their best in the closest thing to a World
    Championship we will see in 2020.”