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    J. Dee Marinko - Paralympian
    (ATR) - The pandemic has hit elite athletes particularly hard - cancelled sponsorships, job losses, and the postponed Tokyo Games have combined to make it a miserable year. 

    The Foundation for Global Sports Development earlier this year launched BOOST2020 grant in an effort to offset some of the hardship. GSD culled some 100 applications before settling on ten recipients of $10,000 grants each. (See complete list here).

    ATR Editor in Chief Ed Hula recently spoke with three people closely involved with the program -- Megan Halicek, a former competitive gymnast and now the program director for GSD; John Moffet, retired Olympian swimmer who helped select the 10 winners, and J. Dee Marinko, a sitting volleyball athlete, one of the award recipients who discusses the peace of mind the grant has given him.