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  • ATRadio: Cortina Slopes Ready But "Flexibility" is Crucial


    (ATR) Alessandro Benetton emphasizes a youth-oriented philosophy and sustainable vision in terms of hosting the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships, while also building upon the legacy of the 1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo Winter Olympics.

    Cortina women's downhill course (Cortina)
    The Italian businessman and Cortina 2021 president also drives home the need for flexibility considering uncertainties caused by the coronavirus situation.

    “The name of the game for us today is flexibility – we can imagine what this event will look like and we are still optimistic,” Benetton tells ATR’s Brian Pinelli in the latest video edition of ATRadio.

    “We are still expecting 1,000 people on the grounds for the ski race, of course everything being managed in safety and in the proper manner.

    “At the same time, we know that things can change rapidly as we’re seeing the regulations in the Veneto region. Even if we will not have people on the grounds, let’s not forget that in any case, there will be 500 million people watching us on TV.”

    The world championships are scheduled for the scenic Italian Dolomites resort, Feb. 7-21, the biggest international sporting event to come to Cortina since the 1956 Games.

    More than 600 ski racers from 70 countries are expected to compete for 39 medals on five different slopes.

    “This is some sort of preparation for the Olympic Games 2026,” Benetton said.

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