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  • Olympic Quest, HQ Move - FITEQ General Assembly


    (ATR) “You are shaping the future, not just for your country but for the Olympic Movement,” FITEQ chairman Viktor Huszar told 79 members of the fledgling federation at its first virtual annual assembly Dec. 12.

    Developing the sport and gaining IOC recognition are the main goals for FITEQ he says.

    Teqball was developed just over 10 years ago. In November it was granted full status at GAISF, the Global Association of International Sports Federations, an umbrella body of sports organizations. It is the first step on the path to Olympic recognition.

    Near the end of the assembly Huszar discussed what he called a “clear and straightforward objective” for the coming year -- Olympic recognition and its requirements.

    Compliance with anti-doping programs will be critical, he said as he also cautioned a lot of other work lies ahead.

    “We have to prove ourselves to the sport director of the IOC and the sport department of the IOC,” he said.

    “We must prove and show that we are active and not just recognized. … We have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders.”

    Huszar shared ways members can measure their progress with the National Performance Indicator Analysis tool, which will be
    distributed beginning next month.

    Categories include competitions, communications, financial and CSR. He then gave examples of the scoring for each continent.

    Huszar also said the federation headquarters will move from Lausanne to Budapest, the sport’s birthplace. It follows the introduction of a new sports law in Hungary that provides IFs “operational benefits”. The federation’s three languages will now be French, English and Hungarian.

    Looking ahead to what will be “odd” world championships, Huszar says the pandemic means it will be the end of next year before they can be held.

    “Three countries want to host them,” he said, adding that a decision about the date and location will be made mid-year.

    The federation’s corporate social responsibility program likewise is hostage to the pandemic. Huszar says there are 20 destinations lined up to receive teqball tables to aid sport development.

    In other business, the assembly adopted the following regulation/policies:
    • The Official Rules and Regulations of Teqball and Beach Teqball;
    • The Status and Transfer of Athletes;
    • Age Categories & Minimum Age Requirements;
    • Prize money;
    • Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (Medical);
    • Code of Ethics;
    • Disciplinary;
    • Equality and Anti-Discrimination;
    • Safeguarding and Welfare;
    • Anti-Corruption;
    • Anti-Doping Rules 2021.

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