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  • The new Slovak Olympic healthy campaign ZDRAVENSKO


    The Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee (SOSC) has launched a new long-term
    campaign focusing on healthy living, joined by Olympic athletes like Matej Benus, Zuzana
    Rehak Stefecekova, Richard Varga, Barbara Mokosova or Danka Bartekova.

    The motto of the campaign is LET US INVEST IN HEALTH INSTEAD OF HEALTHCARE.

    Not only in the rest of the world, but also in Slovakia, the call for a healthier lifestyle for
    people is becoming stronger. Slovakia is obese, people are plagued by cardiovascular and
    other civilizational diseases. In the kitchen Slovaks follows the motto: “Fast, but not
    healthy” and majority of Slovak food still consists of meat, fried and heavy dishes.

    The ZDRAVENSKO campaign will step by step motivate Slovaks to live a healthier life,
    with the help of the nation´s top athletes. SOSC will call on nutrition, medicine and
    movement experts to help in the fight against civilization diseases and to raise awareness
    about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on our immunity.

    A major part of the campaign is based on short but catchy videos, where the nutritionist
    and coach Michal Páleník creates tasty breakfast recipes with the assistance of our top
    athletes. The silver Olympic medallist from Rio 2016 in white-water slalom, Matej Beňuš,
    was the first to prepare a recipe on camera - a healthy beetroot spread with cottage
    cheese. At the end of each part, the nutrition expert presents why this particular
    breakfast is appropriate and healthy.

    A part of the ZDRAVENSKO campaign is also a new podcast on healthy living. The main
    theme is nutrition and eating within a healthy lifestyle. The presenters of the podcast are
    Stanislav Benčat and nutritionist Associate Professor Milan Sedliak, who will invite experts
    from various fields of nutrition to the studio, e.g. obesity scientist Adela Penesová,
    doctoral student at the Biomedical Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, cancer
    illness nutritionist Petronela Forišek Paulová, etc.

    Exclusive partner of the ZDRAVENSKO series is the main partner of SOSC BILLA, supplying
    the ingredients needed for the recipes.

    The long-term ZDRAVENSKO campaign of the SOSC will also include regular interviews
    with experts on various topics related to healthy lifestyles. The Slovak NOC will publish
    the outputs (interviews, articles) on the and spread them further through
    the social networks of the SOSC.

    Illustration video you can find here:

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