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  • USA Dance and USA Breakin' Sign Memorandum of Understanding


    USA Dance and USA Breakin' announce that on Dec. 11, 2020, they entered into an agreement that establishes USA Breakin' as a National Sports Organization member of USA Dance responsible for the Breakin' DanceSport discipline. Under this agreement USA Breakin' is responsible for training athletes, adjudicators, and coaches, sanctioning Breakin' competitions, and managing operational aspects of the Breakin' DanceSport discipline in preparation for the Olympics.

    In preparation for the anticipated addition of the Breakin' DanceSport discipline to the Paris 2024 Olympic program by the International Olympic Committee, USA Dance and USA Breakin' have been collaborating for the past eighteen (18) months to establish a partnership focused on the development of Breakin' in the USA. As the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Recognized Sports Organization (RSO) for dance disciplines, USA Dance has recognized USA Breakin' as the National Sports Organization responsible for Breakin'. Based out of Washington, DC USA Breakin' has established itself as a national Breakin' organization spanning numerous Breakin' communities to pull together top athletes, organizers, coaches, and judges from across the country.

    USA Breakin' is committed to providing fair representation for US Breakers at local, regional, national, and international competitions and creating a platform to select and form a US Breakin' team that truly represents the US Breakin' community and the legacy of Hip Hop culture born here in the United States. USA Breakin' and USA Dance are committed to the safety and well-being of all athletes including Breakers. As the USA Dance recognized National Sports Organization for Breakin' USA Breakin' sets the rules and regulations that govern the dance sport of Breakin' in the USA, including selecting the U.S. National Breakin' Team World Championships; promoting and developing Breakin' on the grassroots national levels, as well as providing safe, empowering and positive training environments for the team; and serving as a resource center for members, crews, fans and competitors throughout the United States. USA Breakin' is committed to providing continuing education for new and experienced professional members, including coaches, instructors and officials.

    This partnership places USA Breakin' and USA Dance on the road to the 2024 Olympics. All Breakin' athletes, organizers, coaches, judges, and interested sponsors are encouraged to contact either USA Breakin' to participate in the future of the Olympic Breakin' dance discipline.

    About the organization: USA Breakin' is a non-profit 501(c)(3), National Sports Organization, with the mission to support the growth of Breakin' and Hip Hop through sport educational programs and to develop the pathway to the Olympics.

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