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  • ATR Extra: WKF Publishes 50th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine


    The following was written by the World Karate Federation and published here in its entirety.

    The World Karate Federation has issued a Special Commemorative Magazine to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Published online on, the magazine reviews the most important milestones of the organization in its 50 years of history.

    From the creation of the organization in 1970 to the development of the sport in the 80s, and from the expansion of the World Championships in the 90s to the creation of new competition formats in the new century, the magazine “1970-2020: A Celebration of Karate” showcases the most relevant moments of the sport in the last 50 years.

    Presenting historic pictures and highlight videos of the most important editions of the World Championships, the magazine is a must-read for all Karate fans. Enthusiasts of the sport can relive historic footage of the World Championships of 1975, 1986, or 2000, among other memorable moments.

    “Over five decades, Karate has experienced outstanding progress,” said WKF President Antonio Espinós in the introductory video. “All of us karateka can feel proud of being part of a sport and a federation that continues innovating and developing, a sport that continues changing the lives of those who practice it.”

    CLICK HERE to read the magazine “1970-2020: A Celebration of Karate”

    Written by World Karate Federation

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