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  • State of Olympic Surfing: Brisa Hennessy and Michel Bourez


    Since its inception in 1896, the Olympic Games have never been postponed.

    Until now.

    2020 was to be surfing’s debut on the world's biggest stage in sport, but due to Covid-19, the games were postponed one year. We're taking you inside the lives and minds of the athletes on hold as they stay mentally and physically prepared for their biggest moment in the sport. The excitement is building as we wait for the calendar to flip to 2021.

    Tune in live this Thursday starting from 8:00am PST on, @isasurfing Facebook, or Surfline to hear from Brisa Hennessy, Michel Bourez, and Fernando Aguerre.

    Global tune-in times:
    6am - Honolulu, Hawaii
    8am - Los Angeles, USA
    11am - New York, USA
    1pm - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    5pm - Hossegor, France
    6pm - J-Bay, South Africa
    Jan 15, 1am - Chiba, Japan
    Jan 15, 2am - Gold Coast, Australia
    Jan 15, 5am - Raglan, New Zealand

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