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  • When Summer Meets Winter


    On August 7th 2020, the "Voice of Beijing 2022" campaign continued forward with a series of interviews taking place in the Beijing competition zone. Representitives from the National Speed Skating Oval (also known as the Ice Ribbon) and the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (Beijing 2022) were present at the event to introduce the sustainability and environmental protection measures and outline how the 2008 Olympic legacy would be carried forward, bringing together the summer and winter Games.

    Online influencers from China Radio International (CRI) of China Media Group (CMG) conducted multilingual interviews and livestreaming at the site in Hausa, Hindi, Thai, German, Turkish, Russian etc., using their online platforms and international reach to increase the accessibility of the information to international audiences.

    The National Speed Skating Oval is a landmark venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 (Beijing 2022 Games). It is expected to be ready for testing by the end of the 2020 and will eventually be able to accommodate approximately 12,000 spectators. The appearance inspired by the ribbon-like traces left on the ice by the speed skaters, gives the venue the nickname ‘Ice Ribbon’ echoing also the main function of the stadium.

    According to Song Jiafeng, Executive Deputy General Manager of the National Speed Skating Oval Management Co. Ltd, construction and operation of the venue are totally under the concepts of Green, Inclusive, Open and Clean, following Beijing 2022’s commitment to sustainability. As a three-star green venue, the National Speed Skating Oval is striving to set new standards for the future.

    In addition, for the first time in the Olympic history, the innovative CO2 ice-making system is applied in skating venues. Despite meeting different needs of divided competing areas from the total 12,000 m2 arena inside the Ice Ribbon, this system can also recycle waste heat created by itself for other uses to gain 30% more energy efficiency, which means to save over 2 million kilowatt-hour of electricity per year.

    the National Speed Skating Oval is the only newly-built ice sports venue for Beijing 2022 Games. Making full use of the Beijing 2008 Games’ legacy, It adopts the site of the Beijing 2008 hockey and archery temporary venues, integrates itself with Olympic Forest Park protecting the original ecosystem and creates a perfect meeting point of summer and winter Games.

    "The National Speed Skating Oval is not only built to host speed skating events for Beijing 2022 Games and afterwards, but also a multifunctional sports venue for more than 2000 local residents to practice ice hockey, curling and other ice sports at the same time."said Li Liang, Deputy Chief of the General Planning Division of the Venue Planning and Construction Department of Beijing 2022.

    August 8th is not only China’s 12th National Fitness Day, but also marks the anniversary of the Beijing 2008 Games’ opening. "As the only city to host both summer and winter Olympic Games, Beijing is forging a very unique legacy." Liu Xinghua, Chief of the Legacy Division of the General Planning Department of Beijing 2022 said at the ‘Voice of Beijing 2022’ event.

    The Beijing 2008 Games laid a solid foundation for the Beijing 2022 Games as Summer Games’ venues would serve the Winter Games through reconstruction and other means. Even the Olympic Forest Park in which the Ice Ribbon located is a legacy left behind by the 2008 Olympic Games. Since its completion, it has acted as a place for fitness, entertainment and leisure for the public.

    The Beijing 2008 Games attracted more people to participate in sports and as Beijing moves forward to become a ‘Dual Olympic City’, Beijing 2022 aims to further this and encourage more and more people to participate in ice and snow sports. Moreover, Beijing 2022 Games will further enhance the international reputation of Beijing and China, raise more awareness of environment protection, respect for people with impairment, volunteering and other aspects.

    "To have the only Dual Olympic City not only means we can leave more legacy to our people in terms of facilities, infrastructure and technology, more importantly, but also means Beijing will carry out once again the Olympic spirit and values, inspiring more people especially the youth generation." Said Liu.

    CMG’s online influencers have already visited the Beijing 2022 Headquarters and Big Air venue in Shougang Park. After this stop in the Beijing Competition Zone, they will continue their journeys to the Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition zones.

    Through the "Voice of Beijing 2022" campaign, Beijing 2022 will be able to present to the international community about preparations for the Beijing 2022 Games and showcase the achievements made so far through domestic and foreign social media platforms, international radio broadcasts, multilingual websites and mobile apps.

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