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  • World Radio Day Chat with GAISF Leader -- ATRadio


    (ATR) From local sports to the Olympic Games, the virus shredded the sport calendar last year. But one of international sport’s most important leaders says 2021 should be better.

    Raffaele Chiulli, president of SportAccord and GAISF, the Global Association of International Sport Federations, returns to ATRadio timed with World Radio Day, Feb. 13.

    Chiulli talks with ATR Editor in Chief Ed Hula about his confidence for sport events as countermeasures for the coronavirus take hold.

    In the latest ATRadio podcast, Chiulli says he is optimistic about sport’s recovery in 2021 – despite the uncertainty surrounding events such as SportAccord, the annual world sport and business summit.

    SportAccord is scheduled for Yekaterinburg, Russia, May 23 to 28.