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  • Five Former RusAF Officials - Including Former President - Guilty of Anti-doping Rule Violations, Banned for Four Years


    17 February 2021, Monaco: The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) welcomes the decision by the
    Disciplinary Tribunal to uphold all charges laid by the AIU against the former Russian Athletics
    Federation (RusAF) President Dmitry Shlyakhtin and the former RusAF Board Member Artur

    In November 2019, the AIU charged RusAF and several RusAF officials including Shlyakhtin
    and Karamyan, Alexander Parkin (Executive Director), Elena Orlova (Senior Administrator),
    and Elena Ikonnikova (Anti-Doping Coordinator), with serious breaches of the Anti-Doping
    Rules. This was related to the submission of forged documents and false explanations to the
    AIU and their conduct during a 15-month AIU investigation into a ‘whereabouts’ case against
    Russian high jumper, Danil Lysenko. The athlete and his coach Evgeniy Zagorulko were also

    The Disciplinary Tribunal has found Shlyakhtin and Karamyan guilty of tampering, complicity,
    failing to report an Anti-Doping Rule violation, and failing to co-operate with the AIU
    investigation, (in this context Karamyan was found to have destroyed documents). Both
    Shlyakhtin and Karamyan have been banned for four years, the maximum possible sanction
    for these charges under the Anti-Doping Rules. The Disciplinary Tribunal decision can be
    found here.

    Parkin, Orlova, and Ikonnikova did not contest the AIU charges against them for tampering,
    complicity, failing to report an Anti-Doping Rule violation, and failing to co-operate with the
    AIU investigation and have also been banned for four years. Those decisions can be found

    The sanctions against Orlova and Ikkonikova will be served concurrently with sanctions of six
    and eight years respectively which were previously announced for cases of failure to comply
    with an investigation Demand by the AIU, as well an order of the Chair of the Disciplinary
    Tribunal that they comply with the Demand. The cases against Lysenko and his coach
    Zagorulko are still in process.

    The charge against the Federation was referred to the World Athletics Council in January
    2020. RusAF admitted the charges and was dealt with by the Council. The details can be read

    “These are important decisions for the sport of athletics. The AIU was created to be a fearless
    and independent organisation. Our work in uncovering the conspiracy and fraudulent
    behaviour in this case demonstrates that the AIU is fulfilling its role to make cheats
    accountable, irrespective of their stature or standing,” commented AIU Chair David Howman.

    “Traditional approaches to uncovering cheating have often proven to be inadequate and
    that’s why the AIU made the strategic choice of investing heavily in our investigations and
    intelligence capability. The benefit of this approach is evident from decisions like these,”
    added Howman.

    During the final phase of investigation, between April and November 2019, the AIU conducted
    22 key witness interviews; acquired 14 electronic storage devices including mobile phones
    and computer hard drives, conducted digital forensic analysis of over six terabytes of
    electronic data and translated approximately 7000 documents or records from Russian to

    About the Athletics Integrity Unit

    The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) is the independent body created by the World Athletics that
    manages all integrity issues – both doping and non-doping – for the sport of athletics. The
    remit of the AIU includes anti-doping, the pursuit of individuals engaged in age or competition
    results manipulation, investigating fraudulent behaviour with regards to transfers of allegiance,
    and detecting other misconduct including bribery and breaches of betting rules. It is the AIU’s
    role to drive cheats out of our sport, and to do everything within its power to support honest
    athletes around the world who dedicate their lives to reaching their sporting goals through
    dedication and hard work.

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