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  • 70 Female Leaders Join SIGA's Call For Action, Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport


    Over 70 global leaders and senior executives from all sides of the sporting industry are confirmed to
    participate in the first-ever Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport, kicking off one week today
    on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2021.

    High profile female executives and legendary athletes from a wide number of international organisations,
    such us the United Nations, B20, European Commission, sports organisations, including World Rugby,
    FIFA, Formula E, F1 W Series, US Lacrosse League, Major League Soccer, the English, French and
    Australian Football Associations, LPGA, ICC, NWSL, FIFPro, Saudi Sport for All Foundation and R&A,
    as well as several National Olympic Committees, including Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Malaysia, United
    States and Cape Verde, join the stellar line-up. The SIGA Web Summit also galvanises and celebrates
    brands that are championing gender equality in sport and supporting the commercialisation of women’s
    sport, including Mastercard, Vitality, Barclays plc, Microsoft, and Facebook.

    The SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport is a flagship thought leadership event
    designed to drive greater equality and opportunities for women in sport, as advocated by the SIGA
    Universal Standards on Good Governance in Sport.

    Consisting of 12 live webinars, 2 Special Sessions, digital workshops, and a series of keynote speeches
    from high profile industry leaders, including Diana Bracco, B20 Vice-President & Women
    Empowerment Ambassador and President & CEO, Bracco Group, Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner
    for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General,
    United Nations, amongst many others.

    The final agenda for the SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport is available here.

    This Web Summit strengthens SIGA’s efforts to promote good governance across all areas and levels
    of Sport and the wider sporting industry. Following the launch of the successful SIGA Global Mentorship
    Programme on Female Leadership in Sport
    in Paris on the 9 March 2018, today the programme is
    providing mentorship to nearly 50 young women around the globe, with an impressive team of global
    female leaders working in sport that are passionate about changing cultures and empowering the next
    generation of female leaders in sport.

    Upon the closing of the agenda for the SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport, SIGA’s Global
    CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, stated:

    “Sport has no reason to feel proud when it comes to good governance and gender equality. It should be
    at the podium, not at the bottom of the ranking. Female representation at the top table is not increasing;
    it’s decreasing! And that’s unacceptable!

    Sport cannot remain male dominated any longer! Sport must be synonymous with justice, respect, and
    equality. A sector where all genders and all races have equal rights and can enjoy equal opportunities.
    At the current rate, this won’t happen in our lifetime!

    To change this, we need everyone involved. Men too! So, step forward. Make your voice heard. And
    join us at the SIGA Web Summit on Female Leadership in Sport!”

    Angela LaChica, President & CEO, LaChica Sports & Entertainment stated:

    “SIGA is a trail-blazing organization that has created a global community dedicated to leadership &
    integrity. What better way to celebrate women by coming together and creating a call to action.”

    Jennifer Tardy, Careers Success Coach, Founder & Owner JTC, stated:

    "Now is the right time to have real conversations about what it truly takes to increase diversity at the
    executive ranks. To move the needs, hope is not a strategy and inaction is not an option."

    Viktoria Slavkova, Director of European Programmes, Projects and International Cooperation, Ministry
    of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria, stated:

    "It is evident to everyone that we need to attract more women to sport and sport governance. Also,
    importantly, women’s sports must get appropriate media and societal attention, which would aid our key
    aim of mainstreaming gender in sport. On our path towards gender equality in sport there is a lot we can
    learn from politics and from the business, as well as from other sectors, such as digitalisation and
    innovation, which create valuable opportunities to narrow the gender gap."

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