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  • Swiss weigh up Olympic future


    [Jorg] Schild remains optimistic however that money was not the only issue at stake in Guatemala.

    "I cannot imagine that it was only about politics and economic power. I say that because I know a fair few of the IOC members and I do not believe that is a big part of the Olympic mindset," he told swissinfo.

    "It should not be forgotten that there were other factors weighing against the Salzburg bid including the long-running doping problems [following a scandal involving Austrian athletes at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin] and the perceived lack of public support within Salzburg itself."

    Schild's opinion is echoed by Olympic movement expert Ed Hula, whose Around the Rings website provides daily coverage of the IOC and its sporting federations.

    "I think there were a variety of things behind the IOC decision, not just that Sochi spent more money. I think Sochi had a better team and they had a good story to tell – which doesn't cost anything," Hula told swissinfo from Guatemala.

    "Besides, you won't always have big nations bidding for the Winter Olympics. The United States isn't bidding for 2018 because it's going for the 2016 Summer Games. China might bid, but it has very little Winter Games experience and is already staging the 2008 Summer Olympics. So sooner or later the smaller nations like Austria and Switzerland will have to host it again."

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