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  • Tokyo 2016 Response to ATR Olympic Bid Power Index


    (ATR) The chairman and CEO of the Tokyo bid for the 2016 Olympics offers his comments on the initial ATR Power Index for cities in the race for the Games.

    Issued on Jan. 23, the index scored Tokyo with 74 out of 110 points, three behind Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, which were tied for second with 77 points. Chicago leads the way in the Power Index with 79 points.

    Ichiro Kono’s remarks cover accommodation, ambience, cost and finance, last Games, legacy and transportation, six of the 11 categories which form the Power Index.

    To read Dr.Kono’s comments, please click here for a PDF version of the letter sent to ATR.

    Around the Rings invites comments on the ATR Power Index from all the cities bidding for the 2016 Olympics.

    Written by Ed Hula

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