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  • Korea Unification for Beijing Olympics


    North and South Korea march in the opening ceremony at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan. 
    (ATR) A unified team from South and North Korea for the Beijing Olympics and next year's Asian Games is in the works. Negotiations this week in Macau at the East Asian Games have led to an agreement in principle.

    The two sides will meet again on Dec. 7 to work on additional details. Vice presidents from both National Olympic Committees will lead delegations to the meeting in Kaesong, along the border between North and South.

    The two Koreas have marched together in opening ceremonies for the 2000, 2002 and 2004 Olympics and in 2002 at the Busan Asian Games, but they have yet to form a unified team.

    One source in Korea familiar with the negotiations tells Around the Rings that financial considerations are part of the talks between the two NOC's, as has been the case in discussions over
    No More Secret Cash: former IOC member Un Yong Kim (l) with North Korea's Ung Chang in 2003 following discussions on the two Koreas marching in the Athens Olympics. Kim made payments to Chang as part of their negotiations. (ATR) 
    joint marches in the opening ceremony.

    Unlike those occasions, however, when hundreds of thousands of dollars reportedly were secretly funneled from former IOC member Un Yong Kim to North Korea IOC member Ung Chang, any cash for North Korea will be handled in a transparent manner says the source.

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