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  • Bold Face in Chicago: Boxing World Championships


    Evander Holyfield in Chicago. (Tom Fluegge)  
    (ATR) Olympic sponsors, federation leaders and a couple of Olympians who won heavyweight titles are among the people who’ve moved through Chicago in the past two weeks for the AIBA Boxing World Championships. Muhammad Ali attended the opening of the tournament on October 23. Evander Holyfield, 1984 bronze medalist and heavyweight titlist was on hand for the final days of competition, handing out medals.

    The IOC roll call included President Jacques Rogge, senior U.S. member Anita De Frantz, along with Jim Easton and Bob Ctvrtlik, international relations vice president for the U.S. Olympic Committee. Richard Carrion from Puerto Rico and Patrick Hickey of Ireland, president of the European Olympic Committees came for the end of the tournament, while Gerhard Heiberg of Norway, leader of the AIBA reform commission came for the opening, and all the IOC members involved with the AIBA reform commission including Arne Ljungqvist of Sweden and Lassana Palenfo of the Ivory Coast.

    Federation presidents invited to Chicago for boxing included Don Porter of the International Softball Federation and Chungwon Choue from the World Taekwondo Federation.

    Andrew Ryan, executive director of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations took in his first world championship since joining ASOIF in 2006.

    National Olympic Committee leaders in Chicago included Jung Kil Kim of South Korea and Hector Cardona of Puerto Rico.
    World Olympians Association President Dick Fosbury. (ATR)  

    Jim Skinner, CEO of McDonald's was one of a number of industry titans at the speech by IOC President Jacques Rogge.  

    Others included Gene Reinke, COO of Hill & Knowlton U.S., Roberto Herencia, president of Banco Popular North America, Dennis Fitzsimmons, chairman of the Tribune Company, Jim McNerney, Boeing CEO and Penny Prtizker, CEO and chair of Pritzker Realty.

    Back in the insurance business in Chicago is Hernando Madronero, international relations chief for the U.S. Olympic Committee from 2000 to 2002. He was a whistleblower, informing a USOC ethics panel about efforts by USOC president Lloyd Ward to secure a contract for his brother's company at the 2003 Pan American Games. Madronero was spotted at the luncheon speech of the IOC President.
    Bob Ctvrtlik and Patrick Hickey in conversation. (ATR)  

    Andrew Craig and spouse traveled south from Detroit to take in some of the boxing. A U.K. native, Craig is a sought-after expert on marketing issues for Olympic bids. A Sochi 2014 veteran, he’s now part of the Doha 2016 team.

    Olympians aplenty in Chicago for the November 2 luncheon speech of the IOC President: Jackie Joyner Kersee, Nadia Comaneci and husband Bart Connor, Edwin Moses, Dick Fosbury, Michael Conley, Bill Scherr, Jim Scherr, Bob Berland, Paralympian Linda Mastandrea and IOC Olympians Rogge, DeFrantz and Ctvrtlik.

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