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  • Media Watch: Backing Baku, Following the Torch


    Matthew Moore writes about the bid for Baku for the 2016 Olympics in London’s Telegraph.

    The BBC and Public Radio International’s program The World has been profiling the Olympic torch relay and its ascent at Mt. Everest.

    Kunjarani Devi, a weightlifter who competed in Athens, writes about her experiences in 2004 ahead of the Olympics for the Indian Daily News and Analysis.

    Oswald Brown said Arlington Butler needs to give up his fight to stay in control of the in the Bahamas Olympic Association.

    Garry Kasparov, one time chess champion and current leader of the Other Russia political coalition describes “Russia's Pre-Olympic Nightmare” in the St. Petersburg Times.

    Steve Lannen has a column for McClatchy Newspapers in the U.S. about the challenges facing the Iraqi Olympic team.

    Written by Ed Hula III .

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