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  • Media Watch: Students Fight for China, Doping in Beijing


    Liu Shinan writes about the Chinese students who are studying abroad and rallying to defend China from “Western media's biased reports”.

    The China Daily has an opinion about the Olympic Torch’s climb of Mount Everest.

    London Times Science Editor Mark Henderson explains the science inside the Olympic Torch.

    EPSN’s investigative series E:60 profiled 41-year-old swimmer Dana Torres’ bid for a fifth Olympic Games.

    The current edition of WADA’s magazine, "Play True", focuses on preparations ahead of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    Victor Conte says the Olympics are a "fraud" in an interview with the BBC..

    BBC sports editor Mihir Bose investigates drug use in American athletics.

    Tim Johnson for McClatchy Newspapers in the U.S. writes about drug use in Beijing.

    Carl Lewis outlines his plan to fight doping.

    See several political cartoons about the Olympics here.

    Written by Ed Hula III

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