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  • Media Watch: Olympic Menus in Beijing, Search for Green Flame in 2010


    The Vancouver Sun talks about the environmental unfriendliness of the Olympic flame.

    The Wall Street Journal profiles Olympic themed menus in Beijing.

    Reuters says " funding crunch could delay South Africa's plans to have digital broadcasting in place for the 2010 soccer World Cup".

    Yao Ming, China’s most well known basketball player was on National Public Radio to discuss how the Olympics have impacted China.

    More than two-thirds of China Daily readers say the torch relay should continue through earthquake-hit Sichuan, according to an interactive poll.

    French philosopher Andre Glucksmann writes in the City Journal that western political leaders' reluctance to boycott the Games opening ceremony outright proves they have no will in the face of Chinese human rights abuses.

    CNBC sports business writer Darren Rovell predicts that Olympic sponsors are going to curtail hospitality plans because logistics are not well organized in Beijing

    BBC 5 Live's sports news and Olympics correspondent Gordon Farquhar believes that with countries still not following the WADA Code, the 2008 Olympics will not be on an even keel.

    With the Olympics looming China’s leaders must take immediate action with aid to victims of devastating earthquake, according to Jonathan Manthorpe of the Vancouver Sun.

    Nars Padilla writes in the Philippine’s Sun Star tthat he "friendship torch radiates warmth from icy Mt. Everest summit"

    Canadian Paralympians are seeking a higher profile, according to the Edmonton Journal.

    Forward, the Jewish Daily, writes about the growing divide in the Jewish community over a Games boycott.

    The International Herald Tribune covers the IOC’s hopes for a large profit from Beijing.

    Adrian Warner at the BBC wonders if the "grass roots will benefit" from the London Olympics.

    Think-tank Foreign Policy in Focus has an essay about the costs and benefits of boycotting the Beijing Olympics.

    The French Press Agency profiles the "unlikely hosts" of Euro2008, Switzerland and Austria. 

    The Depaulia newspaper in the U.S. asks if the Beijing Games will be the "last stand" for softball.

    Siddartha Mishra says the current crises in Indian sports are the result of "the politics of spoilsports".

    Angel Heredia, the man who supplied performance enhancing drugs to coach Trevor Graham, is interviewd by the London Times.

    McClatchy Newspapers in the United States has a profile on "the next frontier of performance enhancers", gene doping.

    Australian athlete Donna MacFarlane writes about the experience of getting tested for drugs.

    Lionel Birnie writes about the first positive drug tests in this year’s Tour of Italy.

    The Rocky Mountain News profiles drug testing for athletes in U.S. High Schools

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