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  • By the Book: Olympic Pentathlon Venues


    (ATR) Paris and London will use multiple venues for Olympic modern pentathlon in 2012. Each of the other cities will have a single venue set for the event. Parisâ?? Croix Catelan, which will host shooting, fencing, and swimming, dates to the 19th century.

    Modern Pentathlon Venues (Name; Build Date; Cost; Capacity; Distance from Olympic Village):

    Paris: (Venue 1) Croix Catelan; 1886; 3,000 (shooting, fencing, swimming); 7 km; (Venue 2) Longchamp Bagatelle; May 2012; $33 million; 30,000 (riding, running); 9 km;

    New York: Olympic Modern Pentathlon Center at Pelham Bay Park; June 2012; $11.4 million; 8,800; 36 km

    London: (Venue 1) Olympic Park Arena 2; Apr 2012; $48 million; 4,500 (shooting, fencing); 3 km; (Venue 2) Olympic Park Aquatics Centre; Dec 2008; $127 million; 20,000 (swimming); 3 km; (Venue 3) Greenwich Park; build date unavailable; 23,000 (riding, running); 11 km;

    Madrid: Club de Campo Villa de Madrid; 1932; $7.45 million; 12,000 (swimming), 10,000 (equestrian, athletics), 3,000 (shooting, fencing); 30 km

    Moscow: Bitza Equestrian Centre; Jan 1980; 12,000; 18 km

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