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  • Goijman Vows Volleyball Verdict Appeal


    Mario Goijman says he is still pursuing legal actions against FIVB. 
    (ATR) Mario Goijman says he will appeal the not-guilty verdicts handed down this week in Lausanne over charges he filed against leaders of the International Volleyball Federation. Goijman tells Around the Rings the verdict is a "strange decision".

    At the same time, Goijman says a civil case is still active in Lausanne. In that case Goijman seeks to overturn FIVB decisions to expel him as president of the Argentina Volleyball Federation as well as civil damages and money he says is due Argentina.

    Goijman says the FIVB has withheld money due the organizers of the 2002 World Championship in Buenos Aires. Goijman says he's used personal funds to cover the missing FIVB money from TV rights to championship.

    Regarding the verdict that cleared FIVB President Ruben Acosta of financial improprieties, Goijman notes that the judge did rule that forgery had been committed in an FIVB financial report. That report, submitted to the 2002 FIVB Congress, did not include an auditor statement about commissions paid to Acosta for sale of TV rights to volleyball events. The judged ruled that while the statement was improperly removed from the financial report, he could not determine criminal intent.

    Goijman points out that despite the acquittals, Acosta and other defendants were ordered to pay court costs, which amounted to about $3,000 each.

    "Why if they are innocents?" he asks.

    In other international federation news this week:

    - FIFA approved an amendment to its Disciplinary Code, calling for strict sanctions for racism or discrimination in the sport. The new sanctions ranges from match suspensions and lost standings points to disqualification form a competition, depending on the level of the offense. In addition, any natio
    Figure skater Irina Slutskaya. 
    nal federations or member associations that infringe the new amendment can be excluded from international football for two years.

    In other FIFA news, the sanctioning body agreed to life restrictions on images from the World Cup finals to media web sites. Originally, FIFA had limits of how many pictures could be used, as well as not allowing them to be used until two hours after a game. FIFA President Sepp Blatter said that photos taken by accredited media could be available in the same manner as text reports.

    - The world figure skating championships begin next week in Calgary. Olympic figure skating bronze medalist Irina Slutskaya will not participate, joining gold medalists Shizuka Arakawa, Tatiana Totmianina, Maxim Marinin, Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov.

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