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  • Olympics Sports Hold Gripe Session


    (ATR) Leaders of the 28 summer Olympic sports are at work on a resolution aimed at protecting their interests in the upcoming IOC vote on which sports to include in the 2012 Games. The extraordinary meeting is underway in Geneva.

    The sports, all members of the Association of Summer Olympic International Sports Federations, ASOIF, have met for about three hours on the sports program vote.

    Some federations are concerned about the procedure adopted by the IOC Executive Board in April calling for sport-by-sport vote at the IOC Session in Singapore July 8. A sport needs 51% of the vote to remain on the program.

    ASOIF President Denis Oswald says it is unlikely that the IOC will change its procedures for voting on the sports, but says he would be in favor of keeping the results of each vote secret, to save any federations from the embarrassment of a low vote.

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