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  • Olympic Sports Feds: "Be Reasonable"


    Denis Oswald will preside over a June 7 meeting of ASOIF in Geneva. (ATR) 
    (ATR) The head of the association representing the sports in the Summer Olympics tells Around the Rings they "must be reasonable" with their criticism of plans to review the 2012 sports program at the Singapore IOC Session.

    "Intellectually we cannot say we are a good group and do not want anybody new," says Denis Oswald, president of the the 28-member Association of Summer Olympic International Sports Federations.

    ASOIF will hold an extraordinary meeting in Geneva next week to discuss the process to be followed in July at the Sinagapore session. Oswald says he is not expecting the group to come up with a better plan than the one adopted in April by the IOC Executive Board.

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