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  • Olympic Sports Concerned About IOC Vote


    The IOC is supposed to decide in July which sports will take part in the 2012 Olympics. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Whether itâ??s a revolt or a calm debriefing, the 28 summer Olympic sports will meet June 7 in Geneva to express concerns about an upcoming IOC vote that could eliminate them from the program for the 2012 Games.

    After adopting a plan last week calling for a sport-by-sport vote at the IOC Session this July in Singapore, the IOC Executive Board is now confronted with concerns from some of the federations.

    â??I donâ??t think this is a rebellion,â? Joel Bouzou, secretary general for UIPM, the federation for modern pentathlon tells Around the Rings.

    â??I just want to say that on our side we have genuine concerns to discuss,â? adding, â??we cannot say we are really happy.â?

    He says the meeting in June is a debriefing on the newly-adopted procedures originally planned for the end of the IOC and federation meetings in Berlin last week. Time did not permit the meeting to be held then, so Denis Oswald, president of ASOIF, the summer federations association, was asked to schedule another.

    In a statement announcing the meeting, Oswald says itâ??s the right thing to do.

    â??In 2002, the Federations requested and obtained from the
    IOC significant changes in the overall process of review of the programme and the majority of the IFs feel this has been a fair and inclusive process.

    â??We felt, however, that it was important to give the IFs the opportunity to express their views on this final phase and to ask the IOC for clarification on a number of specific points.â?

    The most controversial point is believed to be the sport-by-sport vote at the IOC Session. Ostensibly, that vote is to be based on a report on the sports program that has been compiled during the past year and is due to be published in June.

    Bouzou says he and other IF officials think the findings of the report â??were good enough to avoid [an IOC vote].

    On the other hand, Bouzou says modern pentathlon has been working to modernize itself and says the sport â??has nothing to fear from the IOC Session.â?

    In an email circulating to federation leaders, former sailing federation president Paul Henderson says the vote will have the effect of â??dividing and conquering IFs by forcing them to compete with one another for their places in the Olympics.â?

    IOC President Jacques Rogge initiated a systematic review of the Olympic sports program in 2002 after encountering numerous questions from members over proposed changes to the program for Beijing.

    Last year the IOC agreed on a set of 33 points that would serve as the criteria for judging whether a sport should remain on the Olympic program. Along with the criteria, the IOC also agreed that the program would be reviewed in the year after every Summer Games.

    Rogge says the limit on sports must be held to 28, meaning that for any new sports to join the program, existing sports must be cut.

    The IOC has scheduled July 8 as the date for the vote on the sports program at its Singapore session.

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