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  • Fasel: Lockout Bad For Hockey, Olympics


    (ATR) The cancellation of the NHL season is "not good for hockey", but it may not mean that NHL players will skip the Turin Olympics the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation tells Around the Rings.

    Rene Fasel says the announcement that the National Hockey Leagueâ??s 2004 -05 season "was not unexpected for me. But it was sad, and not good for hockey."

    However, "it is too early to say whether the NHL players will be in Turin in 2006."

    "We hope they will find in the future the solution. But it is an NHL labor dispute, not a sports problem," Fasel says referring to the salary issues that scuttled the hockey season in the United States and Canada.

    The absence of NHL stars, who have taken part in the Games since 1998 in Nagano, could mean lost revenue for TOROC.

    The good side of the lockout, says Fasel, is that more NHL players could show up next May for the World championships in Austria.

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