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  • Montreal Reclaims Swimming Championships


    Back from extinction: the beluga whale mascot of the Montreal swimming championships, which will be the first in North America. 
    (ATR) The FINA Bureau has reversed itself and will now keep the 2005 World Swimming Championships in Montreal. The decision comes just one month after the international federation stripped the championships over financial issues.

    Meeting again in Frankfurt, the 20+ members of the FINA Bureau are now satisfied with the financial guarantees being offered by the city of Montreal. About $5 million more was needed to cover the operating budget of the event, scheduled for July 17-31. Montreal was able tocome up with the guarantee days after the championships were pulled.

    Already, city, provincial and national governments have spent $23 million on building the pools needed for the event.

    Athens, Berlin and Moscow had applied to host the championships in place of Montreal, but those bids are now moot.

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