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  • Boxing Federation Faces Internal Challenge


    CK Wu, new AIBA president, chairs his first executive committee meeting since his election. (ATR)  
    (ATR) The AIBA executive committee will face major issues next week when it holds its first meeting since a reform candidate was elected president of the federation in November.

    Newly-elected president C.K. Wu will chair the meeting in his hometown of Taipei later this week.

    Since Wu has taken over at AIBA from the regime of Anwar Chowdhry, he has dumped most of the staff from the federation''s Lausanne offices and instituted a top to bottom review of finances and operation, conducted by PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

    Wu is expected to deliver a preliminary report on the audit, which could uncover financial problems left by the previous administration. The report is not due until March.

    Around the Rings understands that as part of the organizational audit, information is being gathered via public sources on members of the AIBA executive.

    That could put at least two of the members in the spotlight:

    AIBA has information that  vice president Eduard Khusainov may have been  convicted by a Russian court in 2005 of unspecified terrorism activities. Executive vice president Gaffur Rakhimov(named by Wu)  from Uzbekistan, has the notoriety of being denied a visa to attend the Sydney Olympics, due to his name appearing on an Interpol watch list for organized crim
    Eduard Khusainov, AIBA vice president, faces review from AIBA over whether he was convicted of terrorist activities in Russia. (ATR)  
    e activities.

    Khusainov, who is also president of the Russian Boxing Federation and the European Boxing Federation, is said in various news reports to have links to a separatist Islamic movement in Asiatic Russia.

    Khusainov was elected vice president of AIBA at the same Santo Domingo congress that elected Wu, despite Khusainov being an ally of the defeated Chowdhry.

    Complicating the relationshipp, as president of the Russian boxing federation, Khusainov has the responsibility of organizing the 2007 AIBA World Championships, September 15 - 30 in Moscow.

    Moscow was awarded the event last July, leaving short notice to prepare. With seven months to go, scant information is available about the championships.

    Wu is also expected to name the members of the reform commission that is to be chaired by IOC member Gerhard Heiberg. The commission will hold its first meeting later this month.

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