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  • More House Cleaning for Olympics Boxing Federation


    Suspended AIBA secretary general Caner Doganeli and ex-president Anwar Chowdry at the AIBA Congress in November. (ATR)  

    (ATR) The past president of the international boxing federation is among those who could be singled out for financial mis-deeds during meetings in Lausanne Thursday and Friday by the AIBA Executive Committee.

    Anwar Chowdry, defeated as AIBA president last November by C.K. Wu, could still face charges over his handling of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federation funds. As Chowdry is no longer is a federation official, it remains to be seen what action the AIBA Executive Committee can recommend when it considers a report prepared by auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    Spending of other AIBA officials is in the spotlight, too. Suspended secretary general Caner Doganeli is battling charges that money for an office in Ankara was mis-spent. He says all the money can be accounted for.

    The twisted finances of the past AIBA regime apparently include credit card spending on internet gambling by someone on the periphery of the federation who now sits in a European jail on unrelated criminal charges.

    Along with the findings of the auditors, the AIBA EC will also hear from its Ethics Commission on the case of Doganeli as well as Eduard Khusainov, the ex-Russian boxing federation president drummed out as AIBA vice president earlier this year. The Ethics Commission may deliver a finding that Khusainov is the victim of erroneous charges that he had been convicted of terrorism activities in Russia.

    While dealing with the problems of the past, the federation will also address the future of boxing in a report from a reform commission headed by IOC member Gerhard Heiberg of Norway. The commission is expected to deal

    with organizational matters for the federation as well as the rules of Olympic-style boxing.

    The meeting of the Executive Committee is only the second for Wu, who was elected as a reform candidate over Chowdhry at the AIBA Congress in November. Wu immediately ordered an audit of the federation by Pricewaterhouse, an inquiry that has apparently exposed a number of embarrassing financial problems which

    Reform commission chair Gerhard Heiberg with AIBA President C.K. Wu. (ATR)  
    the AIBA executive will try to resolve this week in Lausanne.

    The meetings of the Executive Committee will take place in the room used by the IOC Executive Board at its headquarters on the Lake Geneva shoreline. IOC President Jacques Rogge is expected to address the AIBA officials, offering verbal encouragement to the changing federation.

    The IOC is clearly happy with the direction being taken by the federation under Wu, who is an IOC member in Chinese Taipei. Since his election, the IOC has released $700,000 in Athens TV rights revenue that was frozen in 2005 over IOC concerns for the way the sport was being administered.

    The IOC says it will release the remaining $400,000 from Athens if it is satisfied with the outcome of the 2007 World Championships, scheduled for October in Chicago.

    The Chicago event is one of the other key agenda items for the AIBA leaders, now just four months away and awarded only 45 days ago. The championship was pulled from Moscow twice this year when organizers, led by Khusainov, were not able to secure the financial backing needed to satisfy AIBA requirements.

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