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  • IOC Winter Olympic Program Commission Report: Bobsleigh and Skeleton


    The International Olympic Committee has released its report on the Winter Sports from the Turin Olympics. The report, prepared by the IOC Program Commission and IOC Sports Department, is a compilation of information on the seven sports of the Winter Games, including data on the popularity and cost of staging competitions. Here is information from the report on bobsleigh and skeleton.

    Federation: International Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Federation

    Number of Olympic Events: 5 (3 bobsleigh; 2 skeleton)

    Year introduced to Olympic Games:

    Men’s bobsleigh – 1924; Women’s bobsleigh – 2002
    Men's skeleton – 1928; Women's skeleton – 2002

    Number of Member Federations: 60
    Tickets Sold in 2006 Turin Olympics: 33,107 (71.1% of total available bobsleigh tickets and 37.2% of available skeleton tickets)

    Television Coverage:
    - Average number of viewer hours per day of competition for 2006 Olympics:
    bobsleigh – 27,353,103
    skeleton – 24,971,591
    - Average number of prime-time viewer hours per day of competition for 2006 Olympics:
    bobsleigh – 16,072,181
    skeleton – 9,649,477

    Published Articles from 1/27/06 – 3/12/06: 578 (5% of total articles about the Winter Olympics, based on a private marketing study used by the IOC)
    Sport Page Visits on IOC Website during 2006 Olympics: 118,374 (9% of total views)

    Gender in Sport:
    - Percentage of national federations which took part in Turin qualifying events:
    Men – 63%; Women – 35%
    - Federation’s Governing Body (11 members): Men – 9; Women – 2

    Athletes’ Commission: Yes

    Number of Doping Tests in 2005: 60 (no anti-doping violations)

    Revenues (2002-2005):
    - From Olympics: 60.8%
    - Marketing & Broadcasting: 37%

    Costs (as assessed by IOC experts; no benchmark figures are available):
    - Venue: High to Very High
    - Technology: bobsleigh – Fairly High; skeleton – Medium
    - Technology complexity: Medium
    - TV Production: $302,892 per day of competition

    Click here to access the full report at the IOC website.

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